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  • Want A Workout That Gets Results FAST?
  • Want Trainers Who Actually CARE about you?
  • Need a Group Workout Class That Can Accommodate An Old Injury?
  • Need Accountability?


Belinda Chaning-Pearce

I don't like gyms so I was worried I would feel self conscious. I love that I got an amazing workout. I felt like it gave me energy and I enjoyed it.

Tash Cameron

Lots of fun and a really good workout. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do lots of the exercises. Improved my fitness, I lost weight and it helped me de-stress. Now its my exercise of choice.

Michael Winston

I lost 10.2kg in 12 weeks and have kept it off. I love my workouts–even though I started with a bad back issue.

Did You Know Kickboxing Fitness Classes Burn Up To 1000 Calories Per Class?

  • Stop the aches & pains and start feeling great
  • Increase your energy levels to keep up with the kids
  • Get lean, tone up and get fit–to feel terrific & look great
  • Best stress reliever on the planet
  • Accountability and support the whole way to reach your goals
  • Create the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted
  • Suits beginners to advanced fitness levels

How Our 6 Week Program Works

  • Each week the intensity builds gradually–so you are improving and don’t actually notice it until we get back to week 1 & you see just how far you have come.
  • We combine stretching, cardio, kickboxing skills and weights for a total body workout.
  • Workout in a fun group fitness class to make friends and enjoy your workout
  • As a BONUS - learn some valuable safety and self defence skills–while losing weight

It's easy to commit to ONLY 6 WEEKS. We find many adults can’t commit for a year at the gym [actually many do, but then don’t even go–and we all know that owning a gym membership doesn’t actually get you fit–you have to go to the gym & do a great workout]. With this, we designed the ‘6 Week Program’ – a fitness workout that will give you QUICK results.


Your trainer will help keep you accountable. You book into your classes (if you need to change a time, just let us know), and show up–we will make sure you have a great workout and push your limits to reach your goals. If you aren’t there, we will be calling to check what happened.

Our Group Kickboxing Workout Classes have you leaving feeling great & wanting more. Each session consists of stretching, cardio, kicks, punches, weights and warm down. You will work every muscle in your body–but to just the right amount. We definitely want you to be able to walk the next day–as we want you to come back.

We hate those trainers that want to show you how tough they are–by pushing you beyond your limit and then you can’t move. It blocks your motivation to go back. And many people getting back into fitness have limited motivation already - so getting just the right limit of workout is key so that you leave class feeling great.

Hi, my name is Kezia Parmley, owner of Focus Martial Arts Kickboxing Brisbane, Mansfield, Qld (AU). I just wanted to take the time to welcome you to our website and CONGRATULATE you on considering taking our Group Kickboxing Fitness Classes.

We’ve had lots of different people come through our martial arts school and fitness workout centre–from very overweight and needing a dramatic health change, to those who are already fit and looking for a fun way to exercise that will push them both physically and mentally. We’ve had people make fantastic, life-altering changes and I’ve seen some people fail.

The difference the successful clients have, is the desire to succeed. If you come to your group fitness class with the desire to succeed, we can help you achieve yours goals, no matter how big they are.

Ever started a Fitness or Workout Program before & quit?
So what will be different this time?

The IMPORTANT thing is that we are committed to YOUR success. Don’t get me wrong, you are going to have to work for it. But we will push you WAY past your comfort zone, and you WILL want to stop. We’ll be there to support you when feel like giving up, and encourage you because you’re strong and brave enough to conquer the odds and reach your goals. We will be there for you every step of the way, and you WILL succeed. All you have to do is to show up to class and commit to the program.

Looking for group fitness classes in Brisbane that may be perfect for you? Below you will see what we do and the philosophy behind our training, so you can see if it lines up with your goals. If it does, then TAKE ACTION. Sign up, Show Up and Get ready to have fun while you become a new you with our group kickboxing fitness classes.

Drop the Fat, Build Muscles, Dramatically Improve Flexibility and Stamina, and Create A Healthier You.... And Have Fun Doing It!

Is Your Life a Juggle?
Work Pressures, Family Needs, To-Do Lists, Health Concerns, Time Demands....

So what about YOU? What about giving some time for you?  We ALL know that to perform at your best, you need to keep yourself physically strong and mentally sharp... AND that if you don’t take the time to look after yourself there will be consequences to your health that may lead to mental fatigue. And these can be devastating.

When new members join our class, we usually see the toll of daily modern life:

Excessive Weight
The older you get, the harder it can be to keep your body in good shape. Not that you don’t want to, but life can get in the way. Stress, eating on the go and lack of exercise can result in excessive fat on your stomach, hips and arms. You CAN lose fat and tone up. It will take effort, but you CAN do it.

Lack of Confidence
How you look and your energy levels can affect how you feel. How you feel affects all areas of your life. If you FEEL strong, you will ACT like you’re strong and your confidence will shine through.

Lack of Social Interaction
People are meant to be social. We thrive on healthy interactions with others. Being in class with other people like you, that are focused on improving themselves and pushing to be their best, becomes a rewarding part of your week.

Lack of Flexibility and Strength
Not that you want to be a gymnast or a body building competitor. But as you get older the old saying “USE it or LOSE it” becomes true. You get more aches and pains, get injured more easily and when you DO try to get into exercise, it feels almost impossible. You’ll find that after only a few weeks of Brisbane Kickboxing Classes, that you will feel stronger, more energetic and you can move a lot easier through your day. So much so that you will really look forward to your next Cardio Kickboxing Class.

Lack of Motivation
Tried joining a gym? Didn't really enjoy it? Didn’t get the results you wanted? You could hire a personal trainer for $100s/hr, OR you could join a class where you’re driven not just by your own motivation, but inspired by your friends, instructors and the culture of success that we promote in our martial arts school.

Silently Dying
Even though we ALL know that our ‘HEALTH’ is our number one ASSET, many of us treat it with disrespect. Statistics show that our population is slowly dying of heart disease, chronic illness and other worse cases. Don’t be a statistic. Take ACTION and make your health a priority. If you join us, you’ll know that you’re on a personal path that you, your family and everyone around you will be proud of.

But There’s Hope!

We have proven success of having specifically designed classes that will enable you to break through to new levels of fitness and happiness. Whether its Weight Loss, Body Toning, Muscle Building or just getting back in to fitness for yourself, our Kickboxing Classes will help!.

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Who are these classes for?

For beginner to advanced levels of fitness. For those people wanting to get real results. For people who don’t love training by themselves at the gym.

I’m not very co-ordinated.

Don’t worry–you won’t be the only person. Plus–the truth is–not many people are when it comes to learning new skills. Whether you are not co-ordinated or you are–how we structure our group kickboxingfitness classes is perfect for both. For the whole week, we do pretty much the same workout (just increasing the intensity by the end of the week)–so by the end of the week you will feel accomplished that you have mastered those skills and are ready to move on to the next ones. Each week builds on the next, but in the first few weeks–anyone can join. By week 4–it is better to wait until the next 6 Week Program BEFORE joining

I’m not fit–will I be able to do it?

Even though it is a group kickboxing fitness class, we build up gradually from your starting point.

I haven’t done kickboxing before–will I be able to do it?

You don’t have to have any prior kickboxing skills or lessons. We will teach you everything you need to know–so you will learn some valuable self defense skills while getting fit.

What If I need to change my class time?

No problem we are flexible & can slot you into another class as a once off, or on a regular basis.