Proven Results System For Transforming Your Body

Melt fat, Increase Lean Muscle & Have More Energy

  • Improve your physical & mental health – punch bags, not people that annoy you
  • See and feel real results. Get more energy while losing a dress size or two
  • Motivation through support and results. Our trainers will be there to support you all throughout the program and our step-by-step system will give you the results.
  • Stop the dieting yo-yo confusion. Know what to eat, when to eat and how much. Best of all – its delicious. We will educate you so it's simple, easy and do-able.

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What You Get

  • 6 Week Group Training Kickboxing Classes – up to 3 training sessions per week (can swap times if needed) – all you have to do is show up & we will do the rest. You will have a great workout at your level & pace (of course we will push you when needed) – to create a great ‘After Burn’ Effect to burn even more calories.
  • Incremental Weekly Increase in training – to build strength, improve your core and reduce body and joint aches and pains. Improve your physical and mental health.
  • Rapid Start Healthy Hormones System - Learn how to get your hormones balanced to eliminate sugar cravings and increase your metabolism for faster weight loss. 
  • Progress Monitoring – to increase motivation and enjoy the process
  • Personalised Nutrition Implementation Plan - includes eating plan and meal plan to teach you what to do, what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and more.
  • Accountability & Support – If you are unable to attend your session – tell your trainer because if you aren’t there, we will be calling.

No More Guessing, Confusion or Obstacles.

Just a Proven Results Based System to Get You Fit, Healthy & Full of Energy

Create Awesome Results Like These Mums Did…..

I can’t believe that in just a few weeks on the Kickboxing and Nutrition Plan that I am weighing below a number I have not seen in years.

Melissa - Mum of 4

I can’t believe how much I feel better. Better in my body, better in my mind and just happier when I do my classes. Putting myself first, I am actually better for my family.

Trina - Mum of 2

I haven’t been below 70kg since my kids were born – thank you so much!

Andrea - Mum of 2 boys

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not very co-ordinated
Don’t worry you won’t be the only one. We structure our classes so that you do the same / similar routine for the whole week, so by the end of the week you will be a master. And then we slightly build on it the next week – so you are not left feeling totally confused, but actually feeling confident that you are progressing.

I haven’t exercised in years
That’s perfect. We love that we are a positive way for people to get back into a healthy lifestyle the right way. Busy mums struggle to put all the pieces together at the right time and make it happen – that’s exactly why everyone on our program is such a success. We have a simple, easy-to-follow system that has been designed to overcome the obstacles that busy mums encounter. So we know it will work for you.

I already exercise – is it mostly for beginners.
Not at all. Even some of the fittest people will find that they have an awesome workout, improved body shape and be able to tone up more. Having a trainer there to push you plus the structured program of cardio, weights and intensity increasing creates results for people of any fitness level.

I don’t know my schedule yet, and it often changes.
No problem. We know that unfortunately a mum’s life does not revolve around her. It’s usually around family, work and other commitments first. This is exactly why it is ONLY a 6 week program. Busy mum’s can commit to 6 weeks, maybe not a year like at a gym (and then they usually don’t go). Plus, we are flexible – if you need to change your booked session for the whole 6 weeks or just for the day – we can do that. Its part of our No Excuses Policy – no excuses for not showing up. All you have to do is show up and you will get results.

Brisbane Kickboxing Plus @ Focus Martial Arts Brisbane  1/23 Dividend Street, Mansfield, Q  Ph  0403 022 650

Following Start date is 28th May 2018