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Aerobics Classes Vs Cardio Kickboxing Group Fitness Classes

Confessions of a Fitness Beginner.  Maybe my experience will help you when deciding what’s the best group fitness workout for you.

If you’re seriously considering getting your body back into shape, try taking aerobics classes so you can get a routine to improve your fitness and lose weight.

We all have to start somewhere, so it is important to know what will be best suited to our needs and the goals we set for ourselves.

An exercise plan should be simple, practical, interesting and above all – realistic, so you can and will, mentally set yourself up for success.

This is crucial to successful achievement of your goals.

Is Aerobics Classes The BEST Type of Aerobic Exercise?

If you look in on aerobics classes, you will see that people work up a sweat. Eventually they will start breathing harder as their heart starts to more rigorously pump oxygen to their hard working muscles in order to sustain that activity for a reasonable length of time – that’s aerobic exercise, also known as cardio.

Examples of aerobic exercises are indoor cycling (spinning), cardio machines, running, jogging, swimming, walking, hiking, cross country skiing, aerobics classes, dancing  and kickboxing, to name a few. Specific equipment is often used but is not necessary for successful implementation of aerobic exercise.

What To Expect In Aerobics Classes

I recall exploring fitness classes near me so I could lose weight and tone up.

I did not want to just hop on the equipment in a gym as I was not familiar with how to use it correctly nor the exact purpose of it, let alone how many repetitions I should do.

It was obvious to me that I would benefit from group fitness classes in Brisbane to avoid that issue, so I consequently explored aerobics classes near me.

After choosing from the aerobics classes that had suitable timeframes and beginner courses for me to attend, I checked on what I should wear and bring with me.

I arrived at the classroom and decided that around the middle and towards the edge of the room would be a subtle spot to begin my weight loss program.

I would have people in front that I could follow, so that helped a bit to settle my nerves as there were a lot of people in the class.

The instructor arrived and started with a short warmup and then began to explain the first few moves that we would incorporate at the outset. So far so good. She then progressed on with a few more moves and then a few more.

After a while we moved to the right and the left, as we incorporated our moves. Then she picked up the pace a little and suddenly, I found myself floundering like a fish out of water.

It became quite clear to me that the girl in front of me was as uncoordinated as me and the next thing you know, my side of the class was thrown into disarray.

By this time, the instructor noticed the disruption to the other classmates and myself and proceeded to try and rectify the issue by suggesting a few changes to positioning.

She moved me and the other uncoordinated girl to the back row and to the very edge. Can’t blame her for that but it did leave me red-faced. My only saving grace was that I was not alone. This was the beginner class?

Definitely not the start I expected. An obvious flaw in my choice. This is not for everyone.

What Is Cardio Kickboxing?

This is exercise DOES NOT REQUIRE EXPERIENCE and you can actually burn more calories with this form of aerobics classes.

A cardio kickboxing class is a total body workout that challenges the elite athlete as well as the beginner. Being a total body workout simply means better time efficiency.

This is a great fitness choice that relieves stress and frustration and is ranked among the most popular group fitness classes in Brisbane and also in America, according to ACE. (American Council on Exercise).

Group fitness classes in Brisbane that utilize cardio kickboxing techniques are a mix of kicks, punches and knee strikes in a non-contact format to build stamina, improve co-ordination and flexibility.

This awesome group fitness in Brisbane will tone your thighs, tighten your butt and your hamstrings will become stronger as you master the art of kicking properly.

Additionally it works your core – strengthening it as you balance throughout the routine. Abdominal muscles are strengthened and so are your upper arms and body.  No wonder it’s fast becoming the rage nowadays!

Numerous Health Benefits of Group Kickboxing Classes

According to, kickboxing (particularly cardio kickboxing aerobic classes) keeps your heart healthy, reduces blood pressure and helps control cholesterol levels.

It can help prevent or reduce the chance of developing some cancers, cardio vascular disease, depression, and diabetes and osteoporosis.

Considering the current ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) figures, more than 1 in every 2 Aussies aged between 18 to 44 are overweight or obese and additionally 1 in every 2 in this age bracket are at risk of chronic disease based on waist circumference. NOW is the time for a change.

Group Fitness Class Benefits

A kickboxing fitness class is a more enjoyable way to workout than on your own when doing aerobics classes.   Kicking and punching is a great stress relief.

It’s a FANTASTIC WAY to meet people of similar mindsets and a great place to have conversations and make friends.

Group participation can challenge you to work beyond your perceived limitations and can BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOU.

Because a group fitness instructor explains the benefits of each exercise with the additional benefits of self defence training, this can create a sound reason to continue returning to kickboxing classes over regular aerobics classes.

Continued group participation gives us a sense of belonging. This also tends to make us feel accountable to other participants in the group and helps build a strong camaraderie.

In conclusion, it appears evident that cardio kickboxing is an excitingly superior way to reshape your life and your body. Compared to other aerobics classes, it is also a surefire way of achieving your fitness goals.

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