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Group Fitness Classes: How To Workout And Have Fun

Do you need a Workout that Gets Results FAST? Need someone to push you without over pushing? Want to have fun with other people with the same level of fitness as yours? Then, this is for YOU!

Whether you’re a beginner or just unsure what exercise you’re looking for, joining group fitness classes may be your best option. Group fitness classes are a haven for individuals who seek knowledge, inspiration, motivation, and support from trainors and group members alike in order to reach one’s goals and dreams.

Most people fail in their fitness plans because they work out alone or sometimes fed up with the daily routines in the gym which are very boring. Working out should never be a burden to anyone. And most importantly, it should never be boring.

Why Join Brisbane Kickboxing Plus Group Fitness Classes

Brisbane Kickboxing Plus will make sure it will be different for you this time. By joining our Group Fitness Classes, you will now have the drive to strive hard, push through your limits and look forward into doing it again in the upcoming days.

What makes our group fitness classes effective is because we are TRULY committed to YOUR success. Don’t get us wrong, you are going to have to work for it. But we will push you WAY past your comfort zone, and you WILL want to stop. And when you want to GIVE UP, we will be there.

You are hearing all this but you still hesitate because you might think:

Are they really offering the best fitness classes near me?

Still if they are, I do not have the confidence to do this.

I do not know how to interact with others.

I am lacking flexibility and strength.

I need motivation to go through this.

Fun Brisbane Kickboxing Plus Group Fitness ClassWorry no more! There is still HOPE!

You are not the only one who has these dilemmas. Most of our clients have personal issues also; even have more hesitations than you, too. In fact, your hesitations elicit us to make them your strengths.

It will all boil down to one thing: your desire to succeed. If you come to your group fitness class in Brisbane with the desire to succeed, we can help you achieve yours goals, no matter how big they are.

We will help you push through the barriers that are holding you back. We will be there for you every step of the way, and you WILL succeed. All you have to do is show up for class.

Lack of Confidence

If at first you are undetermined because you are not confident as a beginner or first timer, we will help you get through it and have fun during the process. Our group fitness classes provide great workout activities that will suit all levels (from beginners to ultra fit).

Your regular attendance in our group fitness class will not only make you look good, but will help you be strong and have a positive attitude — the attributes of self-esteem and self-confidence.

How you look and your energy levels can affect how you feel. How you feel affects all areas of your life. If you FEEL strong, you will ACT like you’re strong and your Confidence will shine through.

“I don’t like gyms so I was worried I would feel self-conscious. I love that I get an amazing workout, I felt like it gave me energy and I enjoyed it.” – Belinda Chaning-Pearce (one of our satisfied clients).

Lack of Social Interaction

Another dilemma you might have is that you do not know how to deal with others. Being active in our group fitness training in Brisbane gives you not only an excuse to get together with your current friends, but also allow you to meet new people who enjoy an active lifestyle.

People are meant to be social. We thrive on healthy interactions with others. Being in class with other people like you, that are focused on improving themselves and pushing to be their best, will become a rewarding part of your week.

Lack of Flexibility and Strength

Flexibility and strength are the main components in working out. At the same time, these are also the core skills improvement you will acquire as you go on with your group fitness class. The activities involve using your body weight or working against a resistance.

As you get older, the old saying, “USE it or LOSE it” holds true. You get more aches and pains, get injured easily and when you do try to get into exercise, if feels almost impossible.

You’ll find that after only a few weeks of Brisbane Kickboxing Classes, you will feel stronger, more energetic and you can move a lot easier through your day — so much that you will really look forward to your next Cardio Kickboxing Class.

Lack of Motivation

To find actual reasons to exercise, one of the first thing you have to remember is: “Don’t make your workout decisions based on your current mood and level of inspiration, but in terms of your long-term goals and values.” That’s according to Christopher Friesen, Ph.D., sports psychologist, director of Friesen Sport & Performance, and author of ACHIEVE: Find Out Who You Are, What You Really Want, And How To Make It Happen.(

You can hire a personal trainer for $100s/hr, or you could join a class where you’re driven not just by your own motivation, but inspired by your friends, instructors and the culture of success that we promote in our martial arts school. It’s up to you.

On our website – , you will see what we do in our group fitness in Brisbane and the philosophy behind our training, so you can see if it lines up with your goals.

If it does, then TAKE ACTION. Sign up, Show Up and Get ready to have fun while you become a new you with our group kickboxing fitness classes Brisbane.