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Local Exercise Classes: Get Fit, Be In Shape and Learn Basic Self-Defence

Wanting to get fit, tone up & lose weight? Looking to join local exercise classes that best suits you?

Getting enrolled in local exercise classes can be a little hard if you do not know what your goals and purposes are. From Zumba classes and other fitness exercises, you have to be specific on what you are looking to get out of it.

If you are sick and tired of your old gym class and are now looking for a good workout that will help you change your body shape and get you fit, then Brisbane Kickboxing Plus is the perfect fit for you. We are here help you tone up while you learn some basics in self-defence.

We have listed below the advantages of taking Kickboxing Group Fitness classes that would help you be informed if this group exercise class suits you.

Stop the Aches and Start Feeling Great

We might not be aware, but aches and pains are a common part of anxiety. While anxiety may be categorized as a mental health condition, anxiety symptoms tend to be very real and very physical – so physical that sometimes the physical symptoms are more prevalent than the mental symptoms. (

One good thing about Kickboxing Group Fitness classes is that when you kick and punch the bags, you release that anxiety and unburden whatever negative energy you’re feeling through fitness exercises, which will in turn result to your overall wellness.

Let Go of Your Stressors

Other club fitness classes may also help you get fit, but our local exercise classes are designed to increase your energy levels to keep up with the kids. You will burn more calories, have heaps of fun and learn more skills.

Each of our workout classes consists of stretching, cardio, kicks, punches, weights and warm down. You will work every muscle in your body–but to just the right amount.

Another great benefit you’ll get in our local exercise classes is that it helps you get through your life from the daily dose of stress and strain. Punching a bag during a kickboxing class definitely helps you relieve stress and anger. You can release all your pent up frustrations by giving all your energy in your routines. Also, as you go on your daily work out classes, you will observe that your concentration skills are improving thus training you not to focus on your stressors and to let them go.

Accountability and Support All Throughout our Local Exercise Classes

We at Brisbane Kickboxing Plus are committed to your success. Our trainers will push you way past your comfort zone in order to help you achieve your goals. However, we will still be there if you want to stop and give up. We can help you get through and we will be there to support you past the frustrations and excuses.

Discipline is one of the very fundamentals of our Kickboxing Group Fitness classes. We will help you  achieve your goals. Your instructors will teach you new positions and stances and help you master a set of movements. Your commitment to improvement and applying this discipline to your daily life, you will be able to succeed in your daily tasks and routines with greater comfort.

Suits Beginners to Advanced Fitness Levels

Our Kickboxing Group Fitness classes are flexible to the client’s needs. One of our goals is for you to have fun with other people who are on the same level of fitness as yours.

As you are kicking on one foot, you will build balance and stability to throw harder kicks as time goes by. Each set of punches and kicks will push you to adjust the motions between your arms and legs thus improving your overall coordination. Once you learn the basics, our group exercise classes will help you reach your goals and more.

Learn to Defend Yourself while Burning Fat Perfect Brisbane Kickboxing Plus Fitness Class for Local Exercise Classes

Kickboxing, unlike other local exercise classes, is great for learning general self-defence. You will build self-confidence and become stronger each time you go. We train with mits, bags and weights – not actually kicking people. It is just a fitness class, not a sparring class.

There are numerous benefits for kickboxing as a workout class. It provides a full-body workout, delivers great cardio endurance and strength training for muscle toning. It is a Low-Impact Workout that works both your mind and body, making it move in unison. Also, you can burn up to 1000 Calories for an hour of punching, jabbing and can definitely help you kick your way towards better balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

Our specifically designed Kickboxing classes have proven success to enable you to break through to new levels of fitness and happiness whether it is weight loss, body toning, muscle building or just getting back into getting fit. Check out our website and enrol in our local exercise Kickboxing Group Fitness classes now!